My Coffee Shop Music

When we hang out at coffee shop, all we want is just a relaxing

environment and a cup of our favorite drinks while we do our own stuff

or chating with friends, just to have our time to do what we like........

A relaxing environment for me in the coffee shop is a peace surrounding,

low volume of noise (know what i mean?) , comfy couch or seats and

one of the most important is the MUSIC played in the shop.

There are some music are define as coffee shop music because they will

make people feel relax and happy. That's why when we go coffee shop,

we feel more relax and free compare to the. Or even in our own house,

we can play the slow and relaxing music will make you feel relax and

want to sit down on the floor or couch and have a cup of coffee or other


I think everyone around the world just love it, do you?

Especially on Sunday or holiday time....

Damn, I just hope i can do it everyday ..... Hehe

I didn't mean we must to find the same music played in the

coffee shop......

We can choose those music we likes, any song or even just music

without people singing, just instruments only. But for my own opinion,

i think slow paced music better,either instruments or singing....

I got my own list of coffee shop music, but i don't think everyone will like

since everyone got their own taste......


1. the Bird and the Bee- How Deep Is Your Love

2. Jason Mraz- I'm Yours

3. Cat Power- I Found a Reason

4. Norah Jones- Sunrise

5. Maroon 5- Nothing Last Forever

6. Augustana- Boston

7. Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova- Falling Slowly

8. Damien Rice- The Blower's Daughter

9. Andra and Backbone- Sempurna

10. John Mayer- Gravity

11. Rachael Yamagata- Reason Why

12. John Mayer- Say

13. Damien Rice- Amie

14. Snow Patrol- Chasing Car

15. The Script- The Man Can't Be Move

16. Barry Louis Polisar- Anyone Else But You

to be continued.....

Will keep on updating the song list!!

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