Don't think will be updating my blog for a quite a long time.

Or maybe will create new blog. Maybe....

Still can't make up my mind, still hesitating what to do.

Or will just stop writing blog.....


Breezy day, Busy day.

One week of mind cracking, heart pumping, adrenaline rising

are more than enough for the moment!

Been rushing my assignment for the whole week, damn

fucking exhausting. Now I m totally worn out.......

But thank god, I got one week holiday to get ass ready for another

busy week after next week. Damn!

Maintenant, j'ai un avion à prendre.

C'est le plan de la liberté! Au revoir, les gars

"They say I move to quick but we can't let this moment pass us
Let the hour glass pass right into ashes
Let the wind blow the ash right before my glasses"

Suddenly felt this part of the song fit my current feeling.

My mood now is making me thinking different kind of stuff in

my life. Seriously, this is deep shit.

My dream? My future? My feeling? Shit.......

What am I goin to be in the future?

None of you can tell me something?

I was flying, now I m crashing......

Now I m drowning in my own sea of thoughts.....

The deeper I drown, the less chance for me to get to the surface

of the sea to take a breath........

What a F-ing Day!

Had a photo shooting session last week with my friends for

my assignments. thanks to my peeps for helping me out for

my assignment, once again thanks a lot.

Nothing much to say about the whole session but is just simply

fun and enjoying! Had a lot of fun, doing crazy stuff as usual.

Glad to have this session, get a chance to know them more and

get along with them.

So have some treat from the photo, lets them do the talking.


Group picture of them. Love it!

I think this can be the cover of a magazine or CD's.

Another group pic. Love this too!

Reflection of Foo n Jong when they are jumping!

Another jumping reflection photo.


Me again! Someone say I looked like fell down in this pic...

I don't care, I just want good photo!

Sea lion performance?

Models of the day:

Like this! Dept of field.

Joseph Lee

Jie Jong
What a post!

He like the no. a lot, so
he requested a pic with it!

Foo (black shirt)
Nazir (smoker)

I like Foo's experssion!
Face muscle cramp?


The two models posing!

One last time, thx peeps for helping me out!

Thanks a lot for the help by being my model

and sorry for letting you guys down.

Hope to have more and more sessions like this

in the future, love it!

Time of our life.


Both of this time bring different kind of feeling us, they got

a unique relationship between. The atmosphere in both of

this time explain or describe different feeling.....

But each of us also have different feeling or thought on both of

the time......

So take our time and enjoy both these time in our life!

Live our life to the max!

Homie! Chik Chak...

Last week went out with Jo to have a so called experimental

photoshooting session for my assignment. But the main outing

for tat day is just to have some fun hanging out with some old

friends, with a good cup tea and some thrash talking session

simply fill my whole day meaningfully and fun....

Kinda happy can hang out with some old friends although we

do not really used to be close, so starting have some personal

technical problem when we meet but end up a quite good outing.

Thx to Jo for the help to break the ice..... aiks......

Not much photo for the that day, coz is just an experiment.....

Photos of the day that i took for that day!

This taken
by Jo when I m
taking pic!
Not posing de!!
Thx, bro!

These two photos are my personal favorite and

I statisfied with! That's the feeling I want and I get it!!

By the way, I love the mutha fucking dope shoe he is wearing!

So cool, he ride it sick and tight! Good job Jo!

Anyway thx for helping me out in my assignment, merci!