Currently addicted to "Just the Way You are" by Bruno Mars,

can't stop listen to it.

Love the lyrics, just simple, meaningful and lovely.

It just describe out all the aspects of a guy to a girl,

her smiles, hair and face.

The inner part of her will always keep inside himself,

less talk about it but doesn't mean he concern about you.

I think this is the guy way to express out the feeling on a girl,

it may sounds simple to the girls but it means a lot to a guy.

Girls always thought the guys just care about the body and face,

but we do know every tiny detail on you.

We know how to appreciate you smooth hair, beautiful pair of eyes,

and the sweet smile on that pretty face. Even every words that

say to us, every simple body language you show to us, just stuck inside

our minds.

That's all, is just simple, not complicated at all.....

New house

Just bought few houses for my lovely wives to stay!

All of the house are custom made for all of them to stay into.

Got the idea from Action City's bearbricks display, but theirs are way more bigger than

the houses i ordered for my bearbricks.

Each fucking house cost 40 bucks, kinda expensive right?

What to do? Anything for the bearbricks!!

More spacious and brighter compare to the old house.

From deluxe room upgraded to president suite!

Awesome right?

The new houses for all the bearbricks!

Still got one empty house to be fill, think is time to empty up my wallet

to fill the another house up.

Is their time to shine!

Bought a Mighty Mugg's Iron Man Mark IV at

Malaysia International Toy Fair which held at

Mid Valley last two week. This mighty mugg is different from

the previous design, because it can change the face by

lifting up the front part of the face.

Face covered and it is chrome body, shinning?

Unveiled the true identity of the iron man, Tony Stark!

But the face doesn't look like him.

Therefore, i painted certain part of my room's wall. Just a

small part and the drawing is kinda sucks, especially the umbrella

part. Screwed up...... sad sad sad

How can i fix this shit up?

This is the previous drawing I done on the another part of my room.

Still planning what's next to draw and which side should it be...

It's been a long long time I didn't update my blog.

Don't have the motivation and topic to blog about, and having

kinda hectic uni life over here. Need to start catchup before

i am left behind far far away, by that time will too late to