I am coming back home for this festive season!

Before this I almost cant make it, but now

I am definitely gonna make it for the family reunion

dinner! Mum n Pup, I m coming back home for dinner!

And sorry making you guys worried....

And also thanks to my friend for giving advices, thanks

a lot and appreciate it!

After going through all the shit in this one whole week,

now I m finally done with it. Is time for me to enjoy

my holidays! At last.......

By the way, is fucking hard to model a car.

It really puts me in deep shit, so don't try this at home!

Need to get started to plan what to do for the holiday

and make it packed with excitement and fun! Hope so.....

Holiday is money splashing time! Yeahooo!

In the end, I would like to say Merry Christmas and

a Happy New Year to all out there!

Pursuit of Happiness- Kid Cudi

Crush A Bit; Little Bit; Roll It Up; Take A Hit
Feelin’ Lit Feelin’ Like 2 Am Summer Night
I Don’t Care; Hand On The Wheel; Drivin Drunk; I’m Doin’ My Thing
Rollin The Midwest Side And Out Livin’ My Life Getting’ Out Dreams
People Told Me Slow My Road I’m Screaming Out Fuck Thaat
Imma Do Just What I Want Lookin’ Ahead No Turnin’ Back
If I Fall If I Die Know I Lived It To The Fullest
If I Fall If I Die Know I Lived And Missed Some Bullets
I’m On The Pursuit Of Happiness And I Know Everything That Shines Ain’t Always Gonna Be Gold
I’ll Be Fine Once I Get It; I’ll Be Good

Tell Me What You Know About Dreamin’ Dreamin’
You Don’t Really Know About Nothin’ Nothin’
Tell Me What You Know About Them Night Terrors Every Night
5 Am Cold Sweats Wakin’ Up To The Skies
Tell Me What You Know About Dreams; Dreams
Tell Me What You Know About Night Terrors; Nothin’

You Don’t Really Care About The Trials Of Tomorrow
Rather Lay Awake In A Path Full Of Sorrow
I’m On The Pursuit Of Happiness and I Know Everything That Shines Ain’t Always Gonna Be Gold
I’ll Be Fine Once I Get It; I’ll Be Good
I’m On The Pursuit Of Happiness. I Know Everything That Shines Ain’t Always Gold
I’ll Be Fine Once I Get It; I’ll Be Good
I’m On The Pursuit Of Happiness And I Know Everything That Shines Ain’t Always Gonna Be Gold; Hey
I’ll Be Fine Once I Get It; Yeah; I’ll Be Good
I’m On The Pursuit Of Happiness
And I Know Everything That Shines Ain’t Always Gonna Be Gold; Hey
I’ll Be Fine Once I Get It; Yeah
I’ll Be Good
Pursuit Of Happiness; Yeah
I Don’t Get It; I’ll Be Good


Twenty four oceans.

Twenty four skies.

Twenty four failures.

Twenty four tries.

Twenty four finds me.

In twenty-fourth place.

Twenty four drop outs.

At the end of the day,

life is not what I thought it was.

Twenty four hours ago.

Twenty four reasons to admit that I'm wrong.

With all my excuses still twenty four strong.

And You're raising these twenty four voices.

With twenty four hearts.

With all of my symphonies.

In twenty four parts.

But I want to be one today.

Centered and true.

My seasoned nike dunk low X nike (red) lace.

Be@rbrik day!

Went to The Gardens just now, and bought 6 be@rbrik

and the Valentine Time 2009 set!

Supposed to collect my Christmas Be@rbrik only, but

ending up buying another 5 be@rbrik and the valentine set.

RM200++ gone....

This is not the worse, the worst part is I tertikamed 2 same

be@rbrik! Fuck ah!!!!!! sad case ah.....

Life is like that, sometime shit happens!

Fucking unlucky wei! Same be@rbrik, therefore is flag series.....

Ah..... Now feeling better after releasing the anger out! Fuu....

The Christmas's and Valentine Be@rbrik. Awseome rite?

Close up on the Christmas Be@brik!

The front row is mine and the behind row is my friend's.

His collection damn cool! He tikamed all the cool cool wan!

Damn envy! Fucking lucky!

I only got Horror, Hello Kitty, Mickey and two Russia flag's

Be@rbrik. Haiz, sad...... 2 same be@rbrik....

Is okay then, coz I m goin to go tikam again in this coming week!

Wish me luck for not getting the same one!

Match Making!

I think both of these can match each other perfectly!

Nike Air Safari '87 Retro with Nike(red) shoelace,

a fucking awesome match! Genial!

Don't you think so?

Air Safari '89 Retro
Nike(red) shoelace

The shoelace is cost 15 bucks, so why not buy this awesome

shoelace? It not only will make your sneakers look cool,

but you also can help to fight against AIDS in Africa!

Because the net profit from this products' sales will donate

to the Global Fund to educates people and helps those

who needs.

So whatcha waiting for? Go get the laces and pimp it on

your favorite sneakers!

By the way, according to source the fucking cool Air Safari

is not available in M'sia, it will only available in Singapore.

Why? Why lar....... Tell me why......

Is anyone going to Singapore? Anyone?

Meanwhile, found some dope shit when surfing the net!

Adidas collaborating with Star Wars!

Another successful match making! Good job!

Although I am not a fans of Star Wars Saga, but I m loving

this collection more and more!

But the preview for this collection come with limited

angle shot, so can't really can have a full view of it.....

I am starting to love this superstar more and more!

The face of stormtrooper at behind part of a pair of

adidas superstar , how cool is that! What can we wish for


This color is fresh! I think is high cut, is it?

OMFG! Darth Vader hoodie, this is really fucking cool!

I think this collection will make a hit because there were no

reason for you to not say woah even you are not a big fan

of Star Wars, right?

Before ending this post, i would like to say

"Lace Up, Save Lives".

off ........

Awesome Music Video!

Latest video from the US rock band, 30 Seconds to Mars

with their latest single Kings and Queens from their new

album, This is War.

This video and also the song is just simply awesome! Dope!

I like this video a lot because it show out the fixed gear

culture which we rare seen in our country.

The fixed gears and the riders, just fucking cool!

All riders costumed up and roll with their pimped

fixie on the road, what a scene!

This is so fresh, we usually didn't see anything about fixie

in any music video or movie! Youcan see how enjoy are them,

those fixie riders, riding their fixed gear together in a whole

big group! You can feel the spirit of fixed gear culture

wen you saw them riding their fixie hard and proud!

Good job for the one who came out with this idea for this music

video. Nice!

For those who doesn't know what fixed gear or fixie

is, it is actually a bicycle. But it is not a normal bicycle, as

you can see in the video, all the fixed gear is bigger, taller

but thin body structure than the normal bicycle, and also

much MORE expensive than the normal bicycle!

Fixed gear is not really popular in south east asia, but in

US, Europe, Hong Kong and Japan, fixed gear was very

popular. You can see fixed gear rolling everywhere, anywhere!

In the video, you can see different looking of fixed gear.

Riders can build their own fixed gear according to themselves

from choosing the body structure, different parts such as pedals,

handles, chain, tires and the others individually.

Here is some example:

These are beautiful fixie ride rite?

You also can catch one these on the top floor of Juice KL,

if you haven't see before how a real fixie look like.

I think it is fun to have a fixed gear to ride with, we can have

a group of friends riding fixed gear and going through the

streets in the city, look for food around the town and

have some chit chat session with unlimited booze!

Damn, sounds awesome!

Wish I can get a fixed gear one day!

Lets pray now!

Screenshot of the day!

Pimp my lappie's desktop again! This time gets more hardcore,

because I changed the almost all the icons in the Windows and

the whole theme for the windows!

And the Objectdock is back again on my lappie!

The dock icons, as usual with some Kaws's icon and

mixed with others.

Below are my screenshots from my lappie's desktop!'

Bape's camo wallpaper, lovin it!

The theme of the window changed!

The start-menu, windows, system's icons, even messenger's

were changed!

Nice? Suck? Tell if got any other idea to pimp it more!

This time my objectdock loaded with new function,

stack docklets! See the whole line coming out from the objectdock?

That is the new shit!

Okay, thats all for the pimping session!

Will try to stick with it as long as I can!

Who knows? Maybe I will changed the whole thing tomorrow?

But definitely no today, because need to rush my assignment!



Found out a very awesome software today, called Bumbtop!

I downloaded it after viewing it's picture which attached in the

description because looks kinda cool.

After installed the software, I just found out it is a very dope

software! It is just totally out of my expectation!

Maybe this software has been appeared for a long time, or I m

too outdated but it still a fresh thing to me!

(ignore the sidebar gadget)

Messed up! Up to your mood, feel free to do anything with

it. It also gives a very futuristic feel too.

Recommended for touch screen user!

The desktop is like a touch screen, you can drag the desktop's

icons like using your hand to drag it on a screen.

Smooth and bit slippery effect on the end! Nice.

The smoothness and sensitivity of this software can

compare with IPhone's! Very natural and not laggy

at all, good job!

You can even change the theme of the Bumptop or

download new theme.

But before you download this software, make sure you have

extra RAM for it because it is a RAM eater!!


Later got presentation at 9am!

Wake up early, so decided to write something in my blog.

But I got nothing to write.....

I just feel like releasing some of tension and nervous in me!

Okay, just post a pic of my structure I build that need to

present later.

My structure

The quality of it is quite rough, I know...... T.T

I already tried my best to make it better, but still not

really there yet.

Okay, crap till here. Need to get ready for my presentation!

Wish me luck!

My Lappie's *new* Desktop! X.X

My new desktop for my lappie!

Not much of pimping, but love it!

Windows 7 really allow us to modified the interface to the max!

Really diggin the CD Display app, which is on the left top corner.

I downloaded it because I found a KAWS skin to apply on it!

Kiehls X KAWS X RxArt

Kiehls X KAWS X RxArt

Saw this in Pavilion this afternoon at Kiehls shop.

KAWS's design on the bottle, how cool is it!

Honestly, I still don't really know what Kiehls is selling.

But i think i gonna get this dope design moisturizer as my

mum's Christmas Present! So I also can get the KAWS's design

box to keep the moisturizer! Haha

And also 100% of the profit gain will be going to be charity.

So watcha waiting for? Go get it!

Adrenaline rush!

Woah, my friend suggested a fucking awesome idea

that make my fucking adrenaline pumping high!

Really an awesome idea! Hope we can make it happen!

Ahhhh, feeling high!

It kinda great to have this kind of moment, the excitement,

the feeling, are so good. It help me relax for a while!

Coz I'm having kinda hectic, rushing schedule in the new sem.

This sem is kinda busy coz it is a short sem, so everything

will be shorten and compact that makes the tense situation

more serious!

Currently addicted to songs from the US rock band,

KINGS of LEON! Their songs all awesome, dope!

Catch Use Somebody, Notion, Sex on Fire, Be Somebody

from their new album and severals song from their previous

albums! They are the band which can't miss out!

And also there is a movie I would like to recommend,

it is 500 Days of Summer. I like this movie a lot and think

is a good movie! The love story between Tom and Summer

were very touching and natural although the ending of the

movie is not what we thought to be. Sad case!

The main actress of the movie, Zooey Deschanel has a pair

of most beautiful eyes I ever seen!

Not only a pair killer eyes on her beautiful,

she also has a sweet voice! She is also a musician other

than her acting career. She is in a band named She & Him.

Also check out the soundtrack of this movie, awesome songs

are in this movie.

Should I?

Chasing Pavements

I've made up my mind, don't need to think it over
If I'm wrong I am right, don't need to look no further
This ain't lust, I know this is love

But if I tell the world, I'll never say enough
'Cause it was not said to you
And that's exactly what I need to do if I'd end up with you

Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements
Even if it leads nowhere?
Or would it be a waste even if I knew my place
Should I leave it there?
Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements
Even if it leads nowhere?

I build myself up and fly around in circles
Wait then as my heart drops and my back begins to tingle
Finally could this be it?

Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements
Even if it leads nowhere?
Or would it be a waste even if I knew my place
Should I leave it there?
Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements
Even if it leads nowhere?

Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements
Even if it leads nowhere?
Or would it be a waste even if I knew my place
Should I leave it there?
Should I give up or should I just keep on chasing pavements
Should I just keep on chasing pavements?

Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements
Even if it leads nowhere?
Or would it be a waste even if I knew my place
Should I leave it there?
Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements
Even if it leads nowhere?

Awesome song, beautiful voice, meaningful lyrics.

Although it is kinda old but still in my mind..

This song is very suit me, for now.

Should I give up or should I just keep chasing my dream?

But what is my dream? And can I find the dream before 2012?

Wtf, come on! This totally bullshit!

The world won't end at 2012, it won't need your brain to think.

If really world end at 2012, I would love it too.

Because the world is sick, fucking sick.

So can take this opportunity to clean up the mess made by human

which human can't clean it by themselves.

100% Creativity!

Saw some very creative home deco on the web!

Awesome, damn fucking creative! How do the designers

can come out with this kind of idea?

Damn, hope I got a mind like theirs!

A door/ table tennis's table. Fucking cool rite?

Can I have one in my house?

Awesome typo alike shower? Where can i get this shit?

Another cool collection of furniture for your house!

Damn, how the fuck those designers can get the idea like this?

Have you seen any couch like these two below?

I wonder how much does this two couch cost?

And where the fuck i can get them?

One for me, one for my parents!

Last, do you think my mum will love the glove below?

If can, I will get her a pair for her Christmas present!

I think my mom will like it a lot! Rite mom? Hehe!

6 In the morning

Just finished watching the whole series of drama-

My Queen 敗犬女王.

I also dunno why suddenly kinda into it.

Start watching from 5 to 7, then went for the dinner/liver vs.

mu's match at Old Town. Then continue the drama from 12 till 6.

The story of the drama for me is quite decent, but the ending of

the drama was as usual the happy ending.

I also dunno why, it is 6 in the morning now but I still shut my

eyes up and get a good sleep. Just dunno why.....

Maybe my brain were working with thoughts or worries,

unconsciously.... I think.

Just got backed to hostel this afternoon after 2 weeks of sem

break. Nothing interesting in the holiday, just a few futsal game

with my cousin and his friend. Kinda enjoy playing although I'm

not good at playing futsal, at least I get to exercise and try to

improve myself in futsal

After finished watching drama, I wonder can our real life can be as

interesting in the drama? Can we? Do we?

But sometimes too much of drama in our real life can be fucking

sick. Sometimes can be really fucked up....

Everyday, you can read or see some sick or really fucked news

reported in the newspaper, radio and news channel. What

happened to our world? What kind mentality do the human now

have? Where are their humanity? How can they do these kinds of

things to the animal, human even is their loves one. What is fucking

wrong with us? Can we change our mentality, remain our precious

humanity in ourselves? All we can do now is waiting for the world to


Nope, that won't help at all! Bull shit! Why don't we change

ourselves instead of waiting for the world to change? Think, us

our brains to think.

And is LOVE so important to us? I think yes, not only you

can feel love from your soul mate but also family and friend

around you. As people say love will come by itself, so don't force

to hard to get it. Sometimes it really pissed me off, some ppl

will sound and act desperate to get love. What is the fucking

wrong? You will die if you don't get the love from your bf or gf?

If you will, then you need to get yourself a new life!

Why am I writing all these crap at 6.30 in the early morning?

What is fucking wrong with me? What the fuck! My brain is

screwing up badly...... Do I need to go see a doctor?

I need to someone to talk too!

Paul Frank X Skullcandy

Is this shit headphones available in M'sia?

Wonder how much will it be for this pieces of dope shit?

Can get it or order it at Paul Frank store @ Pavilion?

This black pair of earphones are cool too!

But the design is similar to Sonicgear's Ear-pump.

Currently addicted to In the Summertime by The Rural Alberta

Advantage. A slow tempo yet quite beatfull song. Like it..

Heard it from Steven Alan Spring/Summer 2010 collection movie.

*Back on blogging. Suddenly got the mood back.Sorry bout those pictures quality although some is from DSLR. Lazy to do all the edit and resize for flikr and uploading stuff.So will keep on upload thing low quality photos, sorry yeah!


Don't think will be updating my blog for a quite a long time.

Or maybe will create new blog. Maybe....

Still can't make up my mind, still hesitating what to do.

Or will just stop writing blog.....


Breezy day, Busy day.

One week of mind cracking, heart pumping, adrenaline rising

are more than enough for the moment!

Been rushing my assignment for the whole week, damn

fucking exhausting. Now I m totally worn out.......

But thank god, I got one week holiday to get ass ready for another

busy week after next week. Damn!

Maintenant, j'ai un avion à prendre.

C'est le plan de la liberté! Au revoir, les gars

"They say I move to quick but we can't let this moment pass us
Let the hour glass pass right into ashes
Let the wind blow the ash right before my glasses"

Suddenly felt this part of the song fit my current feeling.

My mood now is making me thinking different kind of stuff in

my life. Seriously, this is deep shit.

My dream? My future? My feeling? Shit.......

What am I goin to be in the future?

None of you can tell me something?

I was flying, now I m crashing......

Now I m drowning in my own sea of thoughts.....

The deeper I drown, the less chance for me to get to the surface

of the sea to take a breath........

What a F-ing Day!

Had a photo shooting session last week with my friends for

my assignments. thanks to my peeps for helping me out for

my assignment, once again thanks a lot.

Nothing much to say about the whole session but is just simply

fun and enjoying! Had a lot of fun, doing crazy stuff as usual.

Glad to have this session, get a chance to know them more and

get along with them.

So have some treat from the photo, lets them do the talking.


Group picture of them. Love it!

I think this can be the cover of a magazine or CD's.

Another group pic. Love this too!

Reflection of Foo n Jong when they are jumping!

Another jumping reflection photo.


Me again! Someone say I looked like fell down in this pic...

I don't care, I just want good photo!

Sea lion performance?

Models of the day:

Like this! Dept of field.

Joseph Lee

Jie Jong
What a post!

He like the no. a lot, so
he requested a pic with it!

Foo (black shirt)
Nazir (smoker)

I like Foo's experssion!
Face muscle cramp?


The two models posing!

One last time, thx peeps for helping me out!

Thanks a lot for the help by being my model

and sorry for letting you guys down.

Hope to have more and more sessions like this

in the future, love it!

Time of our life.


Both of this time bring different kind of feeling us, they got

a unique relationship between. The atmosphere in both of

this time explain or describe different feeling.....

But each of us also have different feeling or thought on both of

the time......

So take our time and enjoy both these time in our life!

Live our life to the max!

Homie! Chik Chak...

Last week went out with Jo to have a so called experimental

photoshooting session for my assignment. But the main outing

for tat day is just to have some fun hanging out with some old

friends, with a good cup tea and some thrash talking session

simply fill my whole day meaningfully and fun....

Kinda happy can hang out with some old friends although we

do not really used to be close, so starting have some personal

technical problem when we meet but end up a quite good outing.

Thx to Jo for the help to break the ice..... aiks......

Not much photo for the that day, coz is just an experiment.....

Photos of the day that i took for that day!

This taken
by Jo when I m
taking pic!
Not posing de!!
Thx, bro!

These two photos are my personal favorite and

I statisfied with! That's the feeling I want and I get it!!

By the way, I love the mutha fucking dope shoe he is wearing!

So cool, he ride it sick and tight! Good job Jo!

Anyway thx for helping me out in my assignment, merci!