Found out a very awesome software today, called Bumbtop!

I downloaded it after viewing it's picture which attached in the

description because looks kinda cool.

After installed the software, I just found out it is a very dope

software! It is just totally out of my expectation!

Maybe this software has been appeared for a long time, or I m

too outdated but it still a fresh thing to me!

(ignore the sidebar gadget)

Messed up! Up to your mood, feel free to do anything with

it. It also gives a very futuristic feel too.

Recommended for touch screen user!

The desktop is like a touch screen, you can drag the desktop's

icons like using your hand to drag it on a screen.

Smooth and bit slippery effect on the end! Nice.

The smoothness and sensitivity of this software can

compare with IPhone's! Very natural and not laggy

at all, good job!

You can even change the theme of the Bumptop or

download new theme.

But before you download this software, make sure you have

extra RAM for it because it is a RAM eater!!

1 thoughts:

jasmine_PekZJ said...

still remember me kah?!

this is cool!!
but i wont DL it~