Screenshot of the day!

Pimp my lappie's desktop again! This time gets more hardcore,

because I changed the almost all the icons in the Windows and

the whole theme for the windows!

And the Objectdock is back again on my lappie!

The dock icons, as usual with some Kaws's icon and

mixed with others.

Below are my screenshots from my lappie's desktop!'

Bape's camo wallpaper, lovin it!

The theme of the window changed!

The start-menu, windows, system's icons, even messenger's

were changed!

Nice? Suck? Tell if got any other idea to pimp it more!

This time my objectdock loaded with new function,

stack docklets! See the whole line coming out from the objectdock?

That is the new shit!

Okay, thats all for the pimping session!

Will try to stick with it as long as I can!

Who knows? Maybe I will changed the whole thing tomorrow?

But definitely no today, because need to rush my assignment!


2 thoughts:

jasmine_PekZJ said...

my eyes c til BLUR dy lar~~
the bckground color~~

Alisya said...

Daym cute rightt your dock! i wann i wannn! XD