Awesome Music Video!

Latest video from the US rock band, 30 Seconds to Mars

with their latest single Kings and Queens from their new

album, This is War.

This video and also the song is just simply awesome! Dope!

I like this video a lot because it show out the fixed gear

culture which we rare seen in our country.

The fixed gears and the riders, just fucking cool!

All riders costumed up and roll with their pimped

fixie on the road, what a scene!

This is so fresh, we usually didn't see anything about fixie

in any music video or movie! Youcan see how enjoy are them,

those fixie riders, riding their fixed gear together in a whole

big group! You can feel the spirit of fixed gear culture

wen you saw them riding their fixie hard and proud!

Good job for the one who came out with this idea for this music

video. Nice!

For those who doesn't know what fixed gear or fixie

is, it is actually a bicycle. But it is not a normal bicycle, as

you can see in the video, all the fixed gear is bigger, taller

but thin body structure than the normal bicycle, and also

much MORE expensive than the normal bicycle!

Fixed gear is not really popular in south east asia, but in

US, Europe, Hong Kong and Japan, fixed gear was very

popular. You can see fixed gear rolling everywhere, anywhere!

In the video, you can see different looking of fixed gear.

Riders can build their own fixed gear according to themselves

from choosing the body structure, different parts such as pedals,

handles, chain, tires and the others individually.

Here is some example:

These are beautiful fixie ride rite?

You also can catch one these on the top floor of Juice KL,

if you haven't see before how a real fixie look like.

I think it is fun to have a fixed gear to ride with, we can have

a group of friends riding fixed gear and going through the

streets in the city, look for food around the town and

have some chit chat session with unlimited booze!

Damn, sounds awesome!

Wish I can get a fixed gear one day!

Lets pray now!

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