Match Making!

I think both of these can match each other perfectly!

Nike Air Safari '87 Retro with Nike(red) shoelace,

a fucking awesome match! Genial!

Don't you think so?

Air Safari '89 Retro
Nike(red) shoelace

The shoelace is cost 15 bucks, so why not buy this awesome

shoelace? It not only will make your sneakers look cool,

but you also can help to fight against AIDS in Africa!

Because the net profit from this products' sales will donate

to the Global Fund to educates people and helps those

who needs.

So whatcha waiting for? Go get the laces and pimp it on

your favorite sneakers!

By the way, according to source the fucking cool Air Safari

is not available in M'sia, it will only available in Singapore.

Why? Why lar....... Tell me why......

Is anyone going to Singapore? Anyone?

Meanwhile, found some dope shit when surfing the net!

Adidas collaborating with Star Wars!

Another successful match making! Good job!

Although I am not a fans of Star Wars Saga, but I m loving

this collection more and more!

But the preview for this collection come with limited

angle shot, so can't really can have a full view of it.....

I am starting to love this superstar more and more!

The face of stormtrooper at behind part of a pair of

adidas superstar , how cool is that! What can we wish for


This color is fresh! I think is high cut, is it?

OMFG! Darth Vader hoodie, this is really fucking cool!

I think this collection will make a hit because there were no

reason for you to not say woah even you are not a big fan

of Star Wars, right?

Before ending this post, i would like to say

"Lace Up, Save Lives".

off ........

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