Be@rbrik day!

Went to The Gardens just now, and bought 6 be@rbrik

and the Valentine Time 2009 set!

Supposed to collect my Christmas Be@rbrik only, but

ending up buying another 5 be@rbrik and the valentine set.

RM200++ gone....

This is not the worse, the worst part is I tertikamed 2 same

be@rbrik! Fuck ah!!!!!! sad case ah.....

Life is like that, sometime shit happens!

Fucking unlucky wei! Same be@rbrik, therefore is flag series.....

Ah..... Now feeling better after releasing the anger out! Fuu....

The Christmas's and Valentine Be@rbrik. Awseome rite?

Close up on the Christmas Be@brik!

The front row is mine and the behind row is my friend's.

His collection damn cool! He tikamed all the cool cool wan!

Damn envy! Fucking lucky!

I only got Horror, Hello Kitty, Mickey and two Russia flag's

Be@rbrik. Haiz, sad...... 2 same be@rbrik....

Is okay then, coz I m goin to go tikam again in this coming week!

Wish me luck for not getting the same one!

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