Adrenaline rush!

Woah, my friend suggested a fucking awesome idea

that make my fucking adrenaline pumping high!

Really an awesome idea! Hope we can make it happen!

Ahhhh, feeling high!

It kinda great to have this kind of moment, the excitement,

the feeling, are so good. It help me relax for a while!

Coz I'm having kinda hectic, rushing schedule in the new sem.

This sem is kinda busy coz it is a short sem, so everything

will be shorten and compact that makes the tense situation

more serious!

Currently addicted to songs from the US rock band,

KINGS of LEON! Their songs all awesome, dope!

Catch Use Somebody, Notion, Sex on Fire, Be Somebody

from their new album and severals song from their previous

albums! They are the band which can't miss out!

And also there is a movie I would like to recommend,

it is 500 Days of Summer. I like this movie a lot and think

is a good movie! The love story between Tom and Summer

were very touching and natural although the ending of the

movie is not what we thought to be. Sad case!

The main actress of the movie, Zooey Deschanel has a pair

of most beautiful eyes I ever seen!

Not only a pair killer eyes on her beautiful,

she also has a sweet voice! She is also a musician other

than her acting career. She is in a band named She & Him.

Also check out the soundtrack of this movie, awesome songs

are in this movie.

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