Homie! Chik Chak...

Last week went out with Jo to have a so called experimental

photoshooting session for my assignment. But the main outing

for tat day is just to have some fun hanging out with some old

friends, with a good cup tea and some thrash talking session

simply fill my whole day meaningfully and fun....

Kinda happy can hang out with some old friends although we

do not really used to be close, so starting have some personal

technical problem when we meet but end up a quite good outing.

Thx to Jo for the help to break the ice..... aiks......

Not much photo for the that day, coz is just an experiment.....

Photos of the day that i took for that day!

This taken
by Jo when I m
taking pic!
Not posing de!!
Thx, bro!

These two photos are my personal favorite and

I statisfied with! That's the feeling I want and I get it!!

By the way, I love the mutha fucking dope shoe he is wearing!

So cool, he ride it sick and tight! Good job Jo!

Anyway thx for helping me out in my assignment, merci!

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