What a F-ing Day!

Had a photo shooting session last week with my friends for

my assignments. thanks to my peeps for helping me out for

my assignment, once again thanks a lot.

Nothing much to say about the whole session but is just simply

fun and enjoying! Had a lot of fun, doing crazy stuff as usual.

Glad to have this session, get a chance to know them more and

get along with them.

So have some treat from the photo, lets them do the talking.


Group picture of them. Love it!

I think this can be the cover of a magazine or CD's.

Another group pic. Love this too!

Reflection of Foo n Jong when they are jumping!

Another jumping reflection photo.


Me again! Someone say I looked like fell down in this pic...

I don't care, I just want good photo!

Sea lion performance?

Models of the day:

Like this! Dept of field.

Joseph Lee

Jie Jong
What a post!

He like the no. a lot, so
he requested a pic with it!

Foo (black shirt)
Nazir (smoker)

I like Foo's experssion!
Face muscle cramp?


The two models posing!

One last time, thx peeps for helping me out!

Thanks a lot for the help by being my model

and sorry for letting you guys down.

Hope to have more and more sessions like this

in the future, love it!

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