100% Creativity!

Saw some very creative home deco on the web!

Awesome, damn fucking creative! How do the designers

can come out with this kind of idea?

Damn, hope I got a mind like theirs!

A door/ table tennis's table. Fucking cool rite?

Can I have one in my house?

Awesome typo alike shower? Where can i get this shit?

Another cool collection of furniture for your house!

Damn, how the fuck those designers can get the idea like this?

Have you seen any couch like these two below?

I wonder how much does this two couch cost?

And where the fuck i can get them?

One for me, one for my parents!

Last, do you think my mum will love the glove below?

If can, I will get her a pair for her Christmas present!

I think my mom will like it a lot! Rite mom? Hehe!

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