Currently addicted to "Just the Way You are" by Bruno Mars,

can't stop listen to it.

Love the lyrics, just simple, meaningful and lovely.

It just describe out all the aspects of a guy to a girl,

her smiles, hair and face.

The inner part of her will always keep inside himself,

less talk about it but doesn't mean he concern about you.

I think this is the guy way to express out the feeling on a girl,

it may sounds simple to the girls but it means a lot to a guy.

Girls always thought the guys just care about the body and face,

but we do know every tiny detail on you.

We know how to appreciate you smooth hair, beautiful pair of eyes,

and the sweet smile on that pretty face. Even every words that

say to us, every simple body language you show to us, just stuck inside

our minds.

That's all, is just simple, not complicated at all.....

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