Beautiful Bottle!

Last Sun, after the FAMILY LUNCH, my cousins and I

went to Pavilion because he wanted to go for CNY shopping...

So, we juz company him go walk walk and see see......

After all the window and buying shopping, we went to the

supermarket located at the lowest ground level to get so drinks.

Budget mah, so go supermarket buy lor...... Hehe

When want to go and pay that time, I saw the latest

Limited Edition Evian X Jean Paul Gaultier Bottle....

OMG, the bottle was so nice and unique.....

It is designed by the famous French fashion designer Jean Paul

Gaultier and Evian is one of the most famous mineral water in

the world. Both big names collaborate together, Must Buy!!

And this cool designed bottle of mineral water cost RM39.90.....

Okay, for a designer bottle lar.... Juz like designer clothes always

cost more than it was.....

EVIAN X Jean Paul Gaultier

This is not the first time Evian collaborate with designer to design

their bottles.

They also had Christian Lacroix, also a French fashion designer

to design the bottle. According to Christian, one of the bottle's

design he used the look and the shape of a woman or so

called Ice Queen.

But so sad,this beautiful edition of bottles are not available

in Malaysia.

-Ice Queen
design bottle

Both design by
Christian Lacroix

Every year, Evian have came out with many unique and

quality bottle designs to celebrate the festive season, such as

New Year, Christmas and others.

Here are some picture of the cool designed bottle.


Millennium Bottle

(tear-drop shape)


2005 edition


Palace Bottle

That's all for the pic.....

Can't wait to see the next edition of Evian's bottle

on the shelf.

Now I m convincing my parents to let buy the that bottle!!!

I just need the license to buy, not the resources(money)!

And, now i m damn addicted to the snow patrol- run song....

It is so addcitives, it juz like a dope.....

I juz listen to over and over again without feelin bored.....

It is a old song from the Scottland/Northern Ireland indie band....

Maybe Leona Lewis resing this song and play on the tv make me want to

listen to their song again then I addicted to it.

Honestly, I prefer Snow Patrol's Run than Leona Lewis run....

Coz maybe leona sing style is not my cup of coffee or her doesn't

suit to sing this song..... I duno, I juz prefer Snow Patrol.....

Crack and Shutter, Chocolate, Chasing Car (well-known), Run,

Signal Fire from Snow Patrol are the choices of mine.

The lead singer voice sound are so soulful, sad and theirs song

lyrics are meaningful.... Go check them out!

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myunchainedmelody said...

why no picture of u ??
it's been so lng kai....

shikai said...

U noe i dun like to put picture of me....
Ya, it's been damn long......