Desktop On My Laptop!

This is my how my new desktop looks like on my lappie!

Has been using few days to pimp it!!!

I've been kinda fucked up with the old window desktop's look,

so decided to change it.

I changed the window's theme, icons, dock icons, sidebar gadgets

and added a startdock on my

desktop and also the window media player skin. I removed all the

normal icon on the desktop

and replace them on stardock. My desktop's wallpaper is from KAWS

matchin with all of the KAWS dock icons on my stardock,

so it look like one set!

I likes KAWS, so all of them are KAWS! hehe.... X.X

The result of the pimpin is very satisfied for me, haha!!!

Of course lor, cause is pimped by myself!!!

But, I m not reli satisfied with the sidebar view and the gadgets.

Still trying to improve it, still finding for more sidebar and gadgets

with cool design.

-The view of the start menu

-Black color skin's window media players, i like it so much!
-The KAWS's dock icons on my startdock.

-All the icons of my lappie were changed.

Thats all for this post. Now, looking for more themes, icons,

and others to ready for next changing of my desktop! hehe...

If you got anythin in mind, let me know!

Peace out!

The software and site to pimp your desktop and the icon:

1. Stardock- to add dock on your desktop
2. Tune Up Utilities- to change the theme of your computer
3. Icon Packager- to change icons on your computer
4. to download the icons, sidebar gadgets,
theme, dock icons, and wallpapers.

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