Past weeks....

Last week and week before were my holidays.

Nothing interesting, normal schedule......

Help out my parents at the shop, went out for movie, pool, and

gathering.... not really a gathering i think.

Finish exam on tue before the week start holiday, so packed

my stuff from hostel back home.

Went to KLCC on Wed, need to update myself by checkin

out for new stuff after long time of no outing.

Almost become a caveman ah if continue no outing!!

Then, went to help my parents out a the shop on Fri

Then left KL to Penang on Sat to attend a wedding dinner.

My parents went back on Sun, but I spent one more night there

with my uncleand his family.

Honestly I never been hungry, or should say even feel hungry in

Penang because there have many varieties of food!!!!

OMFG, i like the prawn mee, pork noodle, laksa, gui cap, and fried

kui tiao!!!! Damn, I started to feel hungry now!!!!

Went to Rasa Sayang , Shangri-La at Batu Feringgi with my uncle

and his family. Took some pics of the scenary...... is kinda rare

for me, hehe....

Think so...

Then went to Queen's Bay Mall, and found out SHOWROOM store

in it. Kinda surprise to found out....

They're selling a pair of Valentine's vers. Bearbrick!!!!

Damn, there were so nice!!!!! Dope ah!!!!

If I not i m ot mistaken, a pair of them cost 200++

An unexpected surprise when surfin for the bearbrick info,

saw a cool g-shock which also related to bearbrick.

It is Futura Laboratories G-Shock & Bearbrick which

price at $340. Wah, so fuckin expensive ah!!!

But, damn, wat a cool collabo between them!!!

Headed back K.L. on Mon afternoon after havin one last

round of Penang food for lunch!!!!

And my first week of holiday kick start with working also.......

Kinda frus and pissed coz need to wake up early in the morning

around 5.30am. Yeah, 5.30am.... WTF, but need to......

Went out on thurs to watch Night at Musuem with my friends

and ice at mamak store after long time no meeting each other.....

On fri, my birthday, my cousin buy me a lunch as a celebration.

We had lunch at Pepper Lunch @ Pavilion, but we still prefer

Singapore's Pepper Lunch because is much more tasty then

Malaysia's one. Thx for belanja-ing me ah, my dear cousin!!!

Then when to play pool on fri with my cousins Andrew and Wilson!!

On Sat, went to play basketball with them togehter with their friends

also at Kepong, Taman City if I not mistaken....

Overnite at my cousin house and went back to shop on Monday.......

Went for Terminator: Salvation on Fri at Pavilion.

Lucky doesn't have high expectation on this movie, coz it is

kinda suck... Bad storyline, the effects and action part are the movie

only attraction, others CMI= cannot make it.... Sad.....

Heading back to hostel on Sun, and on Mon will be a new academic

year for me! Now I'm in first year for my degree!!!

Hope eveything goes smooth and must improve myself as many

as I can..... Keep finger crossing!!!

Wish me luck!


Wait,suddenly i want to sing the chorus of the song,

Supernova by Mr.Hudson feat. Kanye, which I m currently

fucking addicted to it coz is dope!!!!

" And I feel like taking off
Let me be yor supernova
Before you make the biggest mistake of your life
Just give me the chance to get it right, get it right!"

Damn, love this song to the max!!!!

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