Relaxing + Boring = October(1st Half)

3 weeks of sem break is relaxing, although only few days of them are.

But most of the other days are boring, bored till my drawing

mood came back to haunt me....

Here is 2 of my screwed up artwork:

Dr. House? Yes, it is him. I know I failed to the max.

My friend say it look more like a psycho.... sad.....

Spongebob Square Pant X Hype Means Nothing.Cute?

Actually there is another drawing of Zooey Deschanel, but...

It is just too sad to say.......

My mum went to Macau for vacation, around 5 days which I

need to work in the shop. : (

But is okay, all the hard work of mine are appreciated!! X)

My rewards are:

Macau's famous Portuguese Egg Tart, my favorite!!!!

These are freshly baked egg tart from Macau and took 4 hours

plus flight to reach to KL and my mouth. Yummyy :P

See how delicious those egg tarts are! Irresistible is all I can say. x)

Lastly, a pair of Nike Air Max 90 from Hong Kong. Muahaha....

A new pair of sick sneakers to rock with.

Quote of the day:

A picture worth a thousand words,

A video worth a thousand pictures, and

Virtual Reality worth a thousand videos.

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