My Dad's Birthday Dinner

Last sat, we celebrates my dad's birthday at 
Overseas restaurant.
It is his 51st birthday, so must celebrate it abit says my 
grandparents. U noe, we must respect them! hehe....
Thx to all my
 grandparents, uncles, aunties and bros to 
making it happened.... So sweet, so touchin.... (emo)
So this time let the photos made most of the talkin lor.....

My parents

Do i look more 
like my mum 
or my dad?

My parents and the birthday cake

The bitrhday cake

Is a healthy 
cake says 
Aunty Fong.


Front: Banana

Back: Osama
(kiddin, hou)

Cousin brother and
sister (thx for sending
me the pic)

Hey, Mr.Cool !
Cute lil cousin brother.
Isn't he adorable?

My uncle, 
and me!

Mr.Cool was 

The Ugly Side

The content below contains highly imba elements
View them proper and carefully.....
Hehe, IMBA!!!

Wtf, a grown ass man
wearing napkin?

I m forced to wear it to
protect myself from a 
drunk mother fucker
beside me......
(yellow sleeve)

This is the drunk 
mother fucker. See his 
fucking imba horny face!
He keep on unbutton me
that forced me wear the 
fucking napkin....

This how we act like when we get tipsy!
Yeah, come on baby!

The drunked ass
with two tipsy guys.....

Cuties! What to do....
Born to be.....

Another two cousin, Jye and Hou no pictures to be show.
Next time take more lar you two!
Thats all......
No more......
Peace out!
Fuck off!

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