My Valentine Card

This is my first computer graphic assignment for this sem.

The theme for this time, very obvious shown in the pic, is on

Valentine Day ler!

We need to come out with 3 designs of valentine card, the other 2

is not really my cup of tea although i designed them. 

So i just post this my favourite's, the tree of love.....

Lame name, wtf!

Some may think how the hell a fucking tree can match with the

Valentine day theme, but i don't give damn.

Honestly i also duno why i come out with the idea by putting lovessss on

a tree...... Doesn't make a fucking sense, rite? But who cares?

Maybe I get the idea from a designer (forgetten his name) in Graphic Alive

(the book i mentioned). Hehe......

Last, is it so bad? so unmatch? or wat?  

But i try my best to get it done, and loves it!

Another last thing, thx to two of friends who help me out on the sentences 

for the card! Thx alot n appreciate it, damn!