Dopeee Headphones!!

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg


3 headphones above are Skull Candy latest collection.

This collection is Artist collection as you can see the

their name are in the model. Skullcandy, the company which

produce these headphone also provide own customize on the

appearance of the headphone for most their collection's model.

I'm diggin in for the Skullcandy X Screaming hand, the blue are

so cool together with the iconic screaming hand from the famous

skate art guru, Jim Philips.

The next headphone is for those who prefer more to simple and

low pro's design. But never ever look down on this fucking one

because it it one of the most fucking finest headphones ever built

(according to reviews from the media and users, not bullshit).

This dope shit headphone is Monster Beats by Dr. Dre, the famous

rapper and producer. Maybe this headphone will look familiar to

you because you can spot it easily almost in every latest MVs.

Example, you can spot it in Lady Gaga's mv, Soulja Boy's,

N.E.R.D's, Keri Hilson's, LMFAO's and many more.

Monster Beats
by Dr. Dre

I dont think these dope shits headphones will available in

M'sia. The nearest place to get them is at Hong Kong, or maybe

Singapore will be available.

So, now is my time to pray for one of these shit headphones

can be mine....... (signs of desperation.........)

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