WTF, the shittest sentences!

The shittest sentences in the decade!

"I m gonna rock out with my cock out,
and you're gonna jam out with your calm out.
It's gonna be magical!"

This sentences is so fucking cool, and it's from

the movie Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo

Bay. The Guantanamo Bay is also called as G BAy coz

they served Big Bob's cockmeat sandwich.

"Fuck! G Bay?"

Sorry, duno why suddenly get so horny?

Maybe is the facebook quiz I took!

I took the quiz- Chances with Megan Fox.

And I got 50%. OMFG, is 50%.

That is fucking cool, and also fuck you Rain for rejecting

Megan Fox for a date!

Damn, she melted me kau kau.....


GQ mag

Taken by famous
Terry Richardson

She look hot
in this pic!

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