100% Creativity!

Saw some very creative home deco on the web!

Awesome, damn fucking creative! How do the designers

can come out with this kind of idea?

Damn, hope I got a mind like theirs!

A door/ table tennis's table. Fucking cool rite?

Can I have one in my house?

Awesome typo alike shower? Where can i get this shit?

Another cool collection of furniture for your house!

Damn, how the fuck those designers can get the idea like this?

Have you seen any couch like these two below?

I wonder how much does this two couch cost?

And where the fuck i can get them?

One for me, one for my parents!

Last, do you think my mum will love the glove below?

If can, I will get her a pair for her Christmas present!

I think my mom will like it a lot! Rite mom? Hehe!

6 In the morning

Just finished watching the whole series of drama-

My Queen 敗犬女王.

I also dunno why suddenly kinda into it.

Start watching from 5 to 7, then went for the dinner/liver vs.

mu's match at Old Town. Then continue the drama from 12 till 6.

The story of the drama for me is quite decent, but the ending of

the drama was as usual the happy ending.

I also dunno why, it is 6 in the morning now but I still shut my

eyes up and get a good sleep. Just dunno why.....

Maybe my brain were working with thoughts or worries,

unconsciously.... I think.

Just got backed to hostel this afternoon after 2 weeks of sem

break. Nothing interesting in the holiday, just a few futsal game

with my cousin and his friend. Kinda enjoy playing although I'm

not good at playing futsal, at least I get to exercise and try to

improve myself in futsal

After finished watching drama, I wonder can our real life can be as

interesting in the drama? Can we? Do we?

But sometimes too much of drama in our real life can be fucking

sick. Sometimes can be really fucked up....

Everyday, you can read or see some sick or really fucked news

reported in the newspaper, radio and news channel. What

happened to our world? What kind mentality do the human now

have? Where are their humanity? How can they do these kinds of

things to the animal, human even is their loves one. What is fucking

wrong with us? Can we change our mentality, remain our precious

humanity in ourselves? All we can do now is waiting for the world to


Nope, that won't help at all! Bull shit! Why don't we change

ourselves instead of waiting for the world to change? Think, us

our brains to think.

And is LOVE so important to us? I think yes, not only you

can feel love from your soul mate but also family and friend

around you. As people say love will come by itself, so don't force

to hard to get it. Sometimes it really pissed me off, some ppl

will sound and act desperate to get love. What is the fucking

wrong? You will die if you don't get the love from your bf or gf?

If you will, then you need to get yourself a new life!

Why am I writing all these crap at 6.30 in the early morning?

What is fucking wrong with me? What the fuck! My brain is

screwing up badly...... Do I need to go see a doctor?

I need to someone to talk too!

Paul Frank X Skullcandy

Is this shit headphones available in M'sia?

Wonder how much will it be for this pieces of dope shit?

Can get it or order it at Paul Frank store @ Pavilion?

This black pair of earphones are cool too!

But the design is similar to Sonicgear's Ear-pump.

Currently addicted to In the Summertime by The Rural Alberta

Advantage. A slow tempo yet quite beatfull song. Like it..

Heard it from Steven Alan Spring/Summer 2010 collection movie.

*Back on blogging. Suddenly got the mood back.Sorry bout those pictures quality although some is from DSLR. Lazy to do all the edit and resize for flikr and uploading stuff.So will keep on upload thing low quality photos, sorry yeah!