Currently addicted to this song!

It is You're Not Alone by Saosin.

Fucking amazing song! This song got two version,

one is rock which is the original version

and another one is piano version.

The piano version of this song is awesome!

I prefer the piano version than the rock version.

Check the piano version out here, high recommended by me.

Sorry for the low quality audio of the video, this is the best I can get.

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By the way, Saosin is coming to M'sia and they gonna perform

on 1st of Feb, next monday! Ah, still waiting for my friends to

confirm. They're still hesitating, I think....

Hope we can make it to the concert and hope it is a good one.

It's been a long long time we been to a awesome rock concert!

And just now my friend and I talked about horror movie.

I found out a very special thing about the feeling scare.

In my own opinion, when we are scared or frighten,

it is always good to find something to hold or hug it.

For girls, you can always find a boy to hold or hug when

you are scare or frighten.

But what about boys? For example, you imagine a boy

holding or hugging his girlfriend when he was scare in a

horror movie. Fucking embarrass rite? Not only you,

your girlfriend will felt that too..

So guys, if next time you are scare of horror film but

you forced to watch it, bring a hoodie or a sweater or a jacket

whatever you like together. This will make you feel more

better and secure. When you are scare, just hold you any extra

clothes you are wearing other than your t-shirt or shirt.

You can even put your hand in the pocket and hold them in tight

position, can help to get rid of the scariness! And also can help

to keep you warm because some cinema's air cond is fucking cold.

Why I know it? Because I m one of them...

That's why I like to put a hoodie on whenever I go watch a movie.


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