Made In China

Recently, few China's shoe brands starts to expand

their market in the Europe and US.

But there are two of the shoe brands that exploiting

the Western market shocked me.

This two brand are no stranger to us, we can spot it or

get it easily or even we owned one before!

They are WARRIOR and FEI YUE.

Maybe some of them are not fimiliar with FEI YUE because

it is usually used for Wushu.

Both of these brand really give a fresh impression to me

after seeing their poster and picture made for the western

country. Don't get me wrong, I am not looking down them.

But can you imagine the shoe that you wear to school everyday

which cost around 30 bucks can be that succesful in the western

country? They really look fresh for me now.

Take a look on the pics, maybe you will feel how I felt too!


Now I only realized Warrior can be that stylo.

Especially with a pair of washed skinny jeans.

Fei Yue

Can you believe that even luxury French brand, Celine

that owned by Chanel had a collaboration with Fei Yue

to release a collection of sneakers.

Now, the China brand sneaker gonna take over the fashion stage!

We gonna have a brand new revolution in the fashion world.

So, go get a pair of sneaker of these two brand and start the revolution!

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