My Table

Currently my table in my room is stuff with lots of toys!

Lovin them!

But need to sort out big space to put them

all out together and also is time to buy display boxes

to put my bearbricks.

Happy family!

Marios (new)!!!

All of my bearbricks! And I m looking for the alphabet K

bearbrick to complete the whole BE@RBRICKS set!

New family members, bought them last few weeks ago!

Marios baseball edition, there is also a mushroom for this

edition but no more stock...... Sad!

The SnJ's Monkeys? I don' t know what is the monkey name...

Front row, 4 marvel hero's toy.

Spiderman and Jane, hulk and ......, don't know

what is the name of the character.

Bought them from Kinokuniya few years ago, but until now only

exhibit them out!

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