It's been quite a long time didn't update,my blog.

Is kinda busy with final assignments while this

semester gonna end soon. And now need to get ready

for the final exams. Kinda exhausted and mentally tired

due to to all the hectic situations, rushing assignment

and presentation. Fortunately, the 1st part of the hard

life have pass, now left 2nd part of it- fucking exams....

During the assignment rush, i still managed to

check out some new stuff on the web but mostly

are sneakers.

Vans Authentic? No! Is a slip on with shoe lace print!

Nice! Kinda love it.

Asics GT II X Ronnie Feig. Cool blue!

Asics Gel Lyte III X Ronnie Feig - Salmon Toe

Asics Gel Lyte III X X Ronnie Feig - Navy Aqua

Sebago Dockside X Ronnie Feig

G-Shock GLX-6900 X In4mation, dope color-way.

Vintage Nike Blazer. Sweet pair of shoe.

By the way, i am looking for a new puma suede

because mine is in the intensive care unit....

So i think is time to look for a new one x)

Saw a few pairs in the web which really caught my eyes.

But I don't think will be available in Malaysia.

The pictures of the babes that I saw.

Which one color rock you?

For me, i think red, yellow and orange really cool.

In the meantime, New Balance distracted me from

looking on Puma.

These are the pictures!

New Balance 1500 X Undefeated.

This is a pair of rare dope shit!

I think this few pairs of new balance currently unavailable in

Malaysia. And I don't think they will be too....

Hmm, New Balance or Puma?

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