Now is 5.53 am.

I am still awake, I can't sleep...

Later on I got an exam to sit.

Although my eyes feels tired but my mind is awake.

I closed my eyes yet I can rest my mind.

My mind is full of stuff, it keeps thinking.

Full of questions and problems, but I can't help it.

I need answers for my question, i need solutions for my

problems but I can't come out with a single one.

Why do we have some many question to answer?

Why do we have so many problems to solve?

Sometimes, I just wish we could escape from all this.

But the fact is we can't, we need to face them everyday?

Why can't they just disappear for a moment?

Why can't they just leave us alone?

Why do we need to face them?

Why can't we just ignore them forever?



Can we just scream them out loud to get them away for us?

Am I the only one who have this fucked up situation or

everyone have it too?

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yiyun 宜运 said...

Every1 have it... sigh...