Now, 5.38 a.m.

My eyes tired, but just can't sleep.

Maybe of the Nescafe I drank earlier.

Later gonna sit for my last paper,

which is really X%^$#* up!

Then the dog days will be over!

At least something to cheer up.

Been through a lots of thinking just now.

Planning activities and thing should be done

in the coming holiday.

Been through a screwed up semester, found out

I'm kinda or should say totally sucks in software.

Sometimes even the basics skills is a problem for me.

So, is time to "buff" up myself with software skills and

knowledges for my second year in degree.

But I think the most difficult part will be to have the will

to go through all the learning! I need freaking

motivation to keep pushing me to the max!

I really need to skilled up myself so I can handle the

tasks in the future.


Felt better now, need to get a rest before going for exam.


Lastly, this is for you bloody exam!

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