Nice trip!

Just came back from Penang last night, kinda exhausted because

of the 5 hours of bus ride. Leave Penang at 3.30pm and reached

Pudu bus station at 8.30pm.

Although we didn't really visited a lots of interesting places, but

we visited two Penang's popular shopping complex which is

Queensbay Mall and Gurney Plaza.

In Queensbay Mall, each of us busy looking for stuff and busy

shopping. We are all ready to shop till we drop!

But next day in Gurney, we force to put our hand in the pocket and

hold tight on our wallet.... Because we already drop before we can shop..

Due to short of time, we were kinda rush so we only manage to

visit these 2 places. But this doesn't spoil the whole trip at all,

because the most important thing to do in Penang is eat and

we did it all the time, non stop! Haha.

We really enjoyed the all the food in Penang. Every bites, every

dip and drop, every taste just put my taste bud in my tongue

into hyperactive mode, satisfyiiiiiiiiinnnngggg!

This is awesome, better than threesome ah!!!

Will update photos about the our shoot and our activities in