Trip to Penang

Okay, is time for the photos taken in Penang during the

shooting for the documentary. Really enjoyed the trip,

hoping we got chance for another trip like this but without


Group photo- The GG group!

Group members' invidual photo-

Calvin Seng

Wen Sheng

Bernard Lim

Yi Yun

Chieh Chou

Another group photo but without WS.

This the place where we shoot our documentary,

Pure Lotus Hospice.

The founder of Pure Lotus Hospice, Venerable Lyan Shih.

Venerable Lyan Shih daily routine, having chatting session

with the patients to enlighten them up.

Discussing time for what to shoot next.

Funny expression from WS and Calvin Seng.

Everyone put on the serious face during the shooting.

Except for WS..... duno what make him so happy!

Afternoon, we followed Venerable Lyan Shih to visit the

orphanage house near her hospice.

Those kids really gives us a warm welcome went we

reached there.

Venerable Lyan Shih passing wisdom to the kids.

After that, we played with the kids and joke around with them

We have a lots of fun together, really enjoyed the good and

fun time with the kids.

Then, we had a tea break together with them, chatting each

other, and know more about them.

Random picture took outside the Hospice.

Another randoms pictures took when we are

on the way back to KL.

I like the light effect a lot, so decided to try to take photos

with the effect on the highway.

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