Sem Break week!

Sem break starts tomorrow but tonight gonna be busy packing stuff

and equipment for the documentary shooting!

Tomorrow morning will leave KL to Penang for the documentary

shooting because our subject is over there.

Our subject will be a nun, Venerable Lyan Shih who run a hospice

which take in and take care those patients with terminal disesase.

So basically our whole documentary will be capturing her, more her

human side, her inner self and a bit of her daily activities.

I think it is a good subject for our documentary, hope we

take this golden opportunity and produce a good documentary.

Well, is kinda excited because first time shooting documentary

and first time traveling with my uni mates.

Now, my mind are full with all the food in Penang and place to

visit when we reached! Prawn mee, Fried Gui Tiao, Asam Laksa,

fried oyster cake, carrot cake, ice kacang.......

Awesome, fat boy kai is coming to you all! Hehe...

Will update as soon as possible with pictures together,

so hope can take more nice photo this time in Penang!

Hope can enjoy kau kau this trip after few week of hectic life!

Here I come Penang!!!!

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yiyun 宜运 said...

yea, enjoy kao kao !