Bikes, bikes, bikesssss.......

Last week, i went to pick up my cousin bro and sis at the British Council.

I reached there early, so I decided to read some magazines to pass time.

I saw Bike (motorcycle mag) with the latest Yamaha motorcycle.

OMG, it is so cool man!!!!

It is the latest '08 YZF-R1

It is one of the most powerful and coolest bikes of Yamaha, so far...

Now, this bike is officially become my dream bike!!!!!

"DREAM BIKE"......

My dream bike

Riding a superbike is one of my dreams....

But, i think it is one of the most difficult dream to comes true.....

Because my parents will not agree or even think about letting me to ride a

bike coz they say it is very dangerous ridding a bike.....


Since my parents don't let me ride a bike, then I wan to ride a bicycle.

But the bicycle that I want is not the ordinary wan


These day, Fixed Gear were very popular in NY, HK, Japan and some other

countries in Europe....

Fixed Gear is almost same with the bicycle that we usually seen in the

Le Tour de France, Lance Armstrong ridding on it wan.....

Any idea? If no, is okay.

Fixed Gear are very light but tough or hard and their tyres were very thin.

A normal Fixed Gear usually cost 6-7k, if good wan will cost around 10k..

Yea, 10k (ringgit). Trust me, i m not kiddin....

Most them customized their Fixed Gear according to their own like or style.

They can changed the rim of the tire, the body kit's shape, material and

color, the handle and other spare parts of the bicycle.

Have a look on some customized Fixed Gear

That's all for Fixed Gear picture..

Okay, okay....... I know it is expensive..

So I change my target from Fixed Gear to a normal bicycle.....

I wan PUMA Biomega Bicycle. Hehe

It is a foldable bicycle, it is very convenient to bring around

everywhere you go, especially when you are traveling.

This bicycle's design looks normal, not really special about it....

Rite? Nothing can really catch you eyes, rite?

But when you ride it in the night time, people will salute

you, man...... Respect, that's what u will get!!!!

You know why?

It's because it can Glow in the Dark wei!!!!

Isn't that awesome? Man, bicycle that will glow in the dark!!!!

So far, I don't think there is any bicycle can cooler than this bicycle.

You can even pick up a girl if you are riding it....

This is how it

looks like

when glowing

in the dark

Haiz, once again.....

Having this bicycle is just another sweet dream only.....

And this sweet dream will never come true, rite?

But is okay, no big deal.

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