Deck shoe xp !!

Wewewe, deck shoe was back on the trend!!!

Last week, i read a magazine.

In it there were many labels are coming out with deck shoe,

such as billionaire boys club, visvim, sperry and many more.

The last time I saw deck shoe, the first impression that flash through

my mind was this shoe is for old man. I bet i m not the only one who

has this impression in mind, rite?

But last week i saw deck shoe in the magazine, i start to like it....


After surfing the net for the deck shoe images, i saw NIGO, the BAPE founder

was wearing it to with Pharrell standing next to him...

I was like OMG, NIGO is wearing a pair of deck shoe too!!!!

Not only that, you can see Kanye West wearing a pair of deck shoe too in

his latest music video "Love Lockdown".....

This song is like a dope, damn addictive!!!!

Go check the video out!!!

Okay, after looking all of them wearing it....

It makes me wanna a get pair too, hehee......

Hope can get a pair of not so old designed's deck shoe, hehe

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