Hotel Fox, cool!!!

Hotel FOX

Designed by

Kinpro, Japan

Designed by

Neasden Control Centre, UK

Designed by

Rinzen, Australia

Designed by

Kinpro, Japan

Designed by

Friendswithyou, U.S.A.

Designed by

Kim Hiorth√ły
, Norway

Designed by

tokidoki, Italy

Hotel Fox, a hotel situated in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It was the world first hotel with each room was design or decorate by

designer around the world such as tokidoki, boris hoppek and many more

famous designer.

In Hotel Fox, it consist 61 rooms and each room is an individual piece of art.

They have room design from funky comicstyle to old school graphic design.

They include many different kind of element into the design of the room,

such as culture,environment, nature, shape and many more.

And 1 more thing, it have a sushi bar in the hotel. OMG, I like SUSHI....

I think this is the coolest hotel in the world, no other hotel can have this

kind of concept even though how many star they have.

Even the hotel promiseyou that you haven't see anything like this before.....

I hope i got chance to visit this hotel, cause it really really kick ass!!! Haha

After checking the price of the hotel, it cost 125 DKK,

that i think is denmark currency.

It is not really expensive rite? Cause they promise you that you

haven't see anything like this before.... Hehe, once in a life time must go.....

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