G- shock watch, 25th anniversary!!!

G- shock 25th Anniversary


"Crazy Color Pack"


Last two weeks, i went to klcc for walk walk and look for shoe....

I saw this watch (pic above) at the casio counter in the Isetan's men

department's watch section.

First time i saw it, i fell in love with it!!!!! Love at first sight, babe....

The watch caught my eyes because the neon green interior with black color

casing was so outstanding and cool wei!!!!

This watch design was one of the classic or trademark design of g-shock!!!!
(not the color, is the design)

I keep on telling my that about this watch, so hope he know what it means.....

Santa claus (daddy), can i have this watch for my Christmas?? Hehe....

This year is g-shock 25th anniversary, so there are many collaboration or

crossover between g-shock and many famous label or designer.

They even have Spike Lee, the legendary director to make a short film for the

opening ceremony for the 25th anniversary party in new york

and Kanye West was performing in the party too!!!!

Famous designer Eric Haze has collaborate with g-shock by designing

one of the famous another watch model of g-shock...

Eric Haze
G-Shock (DW5600EH-7)

Eric Haze iconic graffiti

writing on the background

of the watch

3 thoughts:

Owner Details said...

ooo..g-shock so niceeeeeeeeeeee..........i like..can i have one?? hehe..

shikai said...

Hehe, i hope i have too...

Online Class said...

I like white g shock model