I.D Magazine featuring KAWS!!!!

i.d. Magazine July issue ( featuring KAWS )

The front page

NIGO with simpsons style writing by KAWS

Pharrell and BBC/ Ice Cream crew in their store

Kanye with KAWS drawing style's love anchor

Lil Wayne wearing KAWS trademark cross shade

I get some info about this i.d. magazine in another magazine which they are introducing the

july issue of the i.d. magazine which has KAWS featuring in it....

WTF, KAWS crossover with a magazine, shit man!!!

I went to check out for this magazine at Pavilion Times book store, and they have it...

I wanted to buy it but the lovely magazine cost me for 30 ringgit..... hmmmmm

I cant make my decision whether to buy it or anot because the magazine was so cool and it was

so rare to have KAWS crossover to mix his design and the content in the mag ....

YES or No

In the end, i didn't buy it.

Now i m regret for not buying it, cause i like KAWS art a lot!!!!!

And i imitate his drawing style and learn some of the technique.

This is how it looks like after the imitating and learning, hehe....

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