Graphics Alive!!!! (HOT)

Graphics Alive by Victionary

The front cover of the book

Different types of ipod skin

Picture of Hotel Fox
(must go)

Different design for cup
(some were cool and funny)

This book was publish on 2006 by Victionary.

I saw this book on a mag, it was introducing what the book was about......

They put some pic of the book in the mag, the book has different variety of

design, from interior design to product design. From lighter design to cup, ipod to

surf board, office wall to hotel room and even lamp pose beside the street.....

Damn, how cool is it...... Hope i can design as well as them too!!!

Most of the design were more on the street style or freestyle....

So I went to Kinokuniya's upper floor, Page one department to look for the book.

But they didn't have it, they can order for me the book!!!!

Yeah, how cool is the service..... Hehe

After two weeks they get the book and i went to collect it.....

This book cost me for RM170, and i was like haaaaa

But after all i think is not really that expensive rite?

Because when you really like it, you wont really mind about the money....

of course if the thing doesn't cost a big amount, am i rite?? Yeah

There were one book store in BB Plaza, i think is the highest floor.....

There got many design book, such as interior, exterior, graphic, packaging,

manga, and others. If free can hang out there too.... hehe

They are selling Lomography camera too..... OMG

It is a classic

I wish i could get one too......

If you carried one, you will look retro and funky!!!

Old skol rox!!

This the model

that there are


Classic fish eye



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