Moody day.....

Haiz, i injured my ankle again during basketball game..... again....

Last week injured, this week also injured.

Twice also right leg's ankle.....

OMG, this time i think it was hurt seriously....

Because i landed on the floor with my ankle after jumping.......

It is damn mother fucking pain......

And now i m suffering, can anyone help me???

It is killing, shit.....

When i move my leg to certain angle, it will like something pulling

inside the ankle. It is fuckin pain ah!!!!

This injury just made me moody and it spoiled my sunday......


And now i m getting worried about my ankle, is it really a serious

injury or minor??

Hope nothing serious about it because it my ankle is getting bigger

and it feel so tight and pain.

I hope it is just a minor sprain, nothing serious cause i still want to

play basketball!!!!!!


And i think i starting to have phobia on jumping.......



Sneakers, oh my dear sneakers......

Christmas coming......

Chinese new year coming......

And when will my new sneakers coming?

Hope my santa claus can get me a pair of new sneakers....

Hope so, keep praying......

Isn't it kinda desperate? Or too desperate?

I don't care, i wan a pair new sneakers......

I want you...... I WANT you....

So sorry, too emo bout it.

Few days back, i was surfing the net for some street info.

Then, i saw Sole What? advertisement on the site, so i click on it

Rupa- rupanya, it is a blog of Sole What? sneakers store.

They will update the blog with latest info or event happening or to be held,

latest products such as sneakers, apparel, accessories, model and others.

After reading few posts, i found the shoe i wanted for long time!!!!!

The Air Max 1 Optical, the cooliest shoe ( for now)

I saw it at Pavilion' Nike store, and it cost rm438......

Wtf, is quite expensive for a poor guy like me......

This is the shoe (pic) i wanted for so long, soooooo longgggggggg....

Isn't it a masterpiece? Isn't it?

How cool is it when it is under leg, covering you foot.

I cant imagine it.... So cool and so hot..... Damn!

Sign of desperation getting more obvious and i cant control myself.....


Haiz, another dream that will hard to become true.....

Because it is kinda expensive...... Am i rite, Santa?

And, one more eye candy sneakers to be showed before i

end my post for today !!!!

It is a pair of Stan Smith with graffiti on it!!!

Man, it was a dope.

It is a collaboration between adidas and few graffiti designer.

The graffiti was detaily designed on the shoe.

And, i got this picture from, a cool site for streeters

There got lots of info, events that are happening or to be held

around indon, m'sia and singapore, latest products from streets

labels and others.

Go check it out!!


Bikes, bikes, bikesssss.......

Last week, i went to pick up my cousin bro and sis at the British Council.

I reached there early, so I decided to read some magazines to pass time.

I saw Bike (motorcycle mag) with the latest Yamaha motorcycle.

OMG, it is so cool man!!!!

It is the latest '08 YZF-R1

It is one of the most powerful and coolest bikes of Yamaha, so far...

Now, this bike is officially become my dream bike!!!!!

"DREAM BIKE"......

My dream bike

Riding a superbike is one of my dreams....

But, i think it is one of the most difficult dream to comes true.....

Because my parents will not agree or even think about letting me to ride a

bike coz they say it is very dangerous ridding a bike.....


Since my parents don't let me ride a bike, then I wan to ride a bicycle.

But the bicycle that I want is not the ordinary wan


These day, Fixed Gear were very popular in NY, HK, Japan and some other

countries in Europe....

Fixed Gear is almost same with the bicycle that we usually seen in the

Le Tour de France, Lance Armstrong ridding on it wan.....

Any idea? If no, is okay.

Fixed Gear are very light but tough or hard and their tyres were very thin.

A normal Fixed Gear usually cost 6-7k, if good wan will cost around 10k..

Yea, 10k (ringgit). Trust me, i m not kiddin....

Most them customized their Fixed Gear according to their own like or style.

They can changed the rim of the tire, the body kit's shape, material and

color, the handle and other spare parts of the bicycle.

Have a look on some customized Fixed Gear

That's all for Fixed Gear picture..

Okay, okay....... I know it is expensive..

So I change my target from Fixed Gear to a normal bicycle.....

I wan PUMA Biomega Bicycle. Hehe

It is a foldable bicycle, it is very convenient to bring around

everywhere you go, especially when you are traveling.

This bicycle's design looks normal, not really special about it....

Rite? Nothing can really catch you eyes, rite?

But when you ride it in the night time, people will salute

you, man...... Respect, that's what u will get!!!!

You know why?

It's because it can Glow in the Dark wei!!!!

Isn't that awesome? Man, bicycle that will glow in the dark!!!!

So far, I don't think there is any bicycle can cooler than this bicycle.

You can even pick up a girl if you are riding it....

This is how it

looks like

when glowing

in the dark

Haiz, once again.....

Having this bicycle is just another sweet dream only.....

And this sweet dream will never come true, rite?

But is okay, no big deal.

G- shock watch, 25th anniversary!!!

G- shock 25th Anniversary


"Crazy Color Pack"


Last two weeks, i went to klcc for walk walk and look for shoe....

I saw this watch (pic above) at the casio counter in the Isetan's men

department's watch section.

First time i saw it, i fell in love with it!!!!! Love at first sight, babe....

The watch caught my eyes because the neon green interior with black color

casing was so outstanding and cool wei!!!!

This watch design was one of the classic or trademark design of g-shock!!!!
(not the color, is the design)

I keep on telling my that about this watch, so hope he know what it means.....

Santa claus (daddy), can i have this watch for my Christmas?? Hehe....

This year is g-shock 25th anniversary, so there are many collaboration or

crossover between g-shock and many famous label or designer.

They even have Spike Lee, the legendary director to make a short film for the

opening ceremony for the 25th anniversary party in new york

and Kanye West was performing in the party too!!!!

Famous designer Eric Haze has collaborate with g-shock by designing

one of the famous another watch model of g-shock...

Eric Haze
G-Shock (DW5600EH-7)

Eric Haze iconic graffiti

writing on the background

of the watch

Graphics Alive!!!! (HOT)

Graphics Alive by Victionary

The front cover of the book

Different types of ipod skin

Picture of Hotel Fox
(must go)

Different design for cup
(some were cool and funny)

This book was publish on 2006 by Victionary.

I saw this book on a mag, it was introducing what the book was about......

They put some pic of the book in the mag, the book has different variety of

design, from interior design to product design. From lighter design to cup, ipod to

surf board, office wall to hotel room and even lamp pose beside the street.....

Damn, how cool is it...... Hope i can design as well as them too!!!

Most of the design were more on the street style or freestyle....

So I went to Kinokuniya's upper floor, Page one department to look for the book.

But they didn't have it, they can order for me the book!!!!

Yeah, how cool is the service..... Hehe

After two weeks they get the book and i went to collect it.....

This book cost me for RM170, and i was like haaaaa

But after all i think is not really that expensive rite?

Because when you really like it, you wont really mind about the money....

of course if the thing doesn't cost a big amount, am i rite?? Yeah

There were one book store in BB Plaza, i think is the highest floor.....

There got many design book, such as interior, exterior, graphic, packaging,

manga, and others. If free can hang out there too.... hehe

They are selling Lomography camera too..... OMG

It is a classic

I wish i could get one too......

If you carried one, you will look retro and funky!!!

Old skol rox!!

This the model

that there are


Classic fish eye



Hotel Fox, cool!!!

Hotel FOX

Designed by

Kinpro, Japan

Designed by

Neasden Control Centre, UK

Designed by

Rinzen, Australia

Designed by

Kinpro, Japan

Designed by

Friendswithyou, U.S.A.

Designed by

Kim Hiorth√ły
, Norway

Designed by

tokidoki, Italy

Hotel Fox, a hotel situated in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It was the world first hotel with each room was design or decorate by

designer around the world such as tokidoki, boris hoppek and many more

famous designer.

In Hotel Fox, it consist 61 rooms and each room is an individual piece of art.

They have room design from funky comicstyle to old school graphic design.

They include many different kind of element into the design of the room,

such as culture,environment, nature, shape and many more.

And 1 more thing, it have a sushi bar in the hotel. OMG, I like SUSHI....

I think this is the coolest hotel in the world, no other hotel can have this

kind of concept even though how many star they have.

Even the hotel promiseyou that you haven't see anything like this before.....

I hope i got chance to visit this hotel, cause it really really kick ass!!! Haha

After checking the price of the hotel, it cost 125 DKK,

that i think is denmark currency.

It is not really expensive rite? Cause they promise you that you

haven't see anything like this before.... Hehe, once in a life time must go.....

I.D Magazine featuring KAWS!!!!

i.d. Magazine July issue ( featuring KAWS )

The front page

NIGO with simpsons style writing by KAWS

Pharrell and BBC/ Ice Cream crew in their store

Kanye with KAWS drawing style's love anchor

Lil Wayne wearing KAWS trademark cross shade

I get some info about this i.d. magazine in another magazine which they are introducing the

july issue of the i.d. magazine which has KAWS featuring in it....

WTF, KAWS crossover with a magazine, shit man!!!

I went to check out for this magazine at Pavilion Times book store, and they have it...

I wanted to buy it but the lovely magazine cost me for 30 ringgit..... hmmmmm

I cant make my decision whether to buy it or anot because the magazine was so cool and it was

so rare to have KAWS crossover to mix his design and the content in the mag ....

YES or No

In the end, i didn't buy it.

Now i m regret for not buying it, cause i like KAWS art a lot!!!!!

And i imitate his drawing style and learn some of the technique.

This is how it looks like after the imitating and learning, hehe....

Deck shoe xp !!

Wewewe, deck shoe was back on the trend!!!

Last week, i read a magazine.

In it there were many labels are coming out with deck shoe,

such as billionaire boys club, visvim, sperry and many more.

The last time I saw deck shoe, the first impression that flash through

my mind was this shoe is for old man. I bet i m not the only one who

has this impression in mind, rite?

But last week i saw deck shoe in the magazine, i start to like it....


After surfing the net for the deck shoe images, i saw NIGO, the BAPE founder

was wearing it to with Pharrell standing next to him...

I was like OMG, NIGO is wearing a pair of deck shoe too!!!!

Not only that, you can see Kanye West wearing a pair of deck shoe too in

his latest music video "Love Lockdown".....

This song is like a dope, damn addictive!!!!

Go check the video out!!!

Okay, after looking all of them wearing it....

It makes me wanna a get pair too, hehee......

Hope can get a pair of not so old designed's deck shoe, hehe